I have aquired many things over the past few years, and have now decided to share them with you. Every week I will add either one or two new files accessible for download. If any help is ever needed, I can be contacted with the AIM screen name DnbrTchnlgs2001. If I'm not available at the time of needed assistance, you can reach me through the e-mail here.

The newest of the downloads I have aquired is a very cool looking Windows XP theme. It was made by the people of ThemeWorld.com. They do very well at this kind of stuff.


FilenameDescriptionFile SizeMy Rating
This is the Windows XP theme. It's in two seperate downloads, so make sure you get both! Crappy Freeservers.com wouldn't let me upload it all as one file. Made by the people of ThemeMakers.com. Comes with pointers, sounds, icons, and wallpapers. The readme.txt files are located in the WinXP1 folder.WinXP1-345200B
This is an additional Windows XP wallpaper. I really recommend downloading this wallpaper. It just looks better. You can get it in one of three resolutions, 1024x768, 1152x864, or 800x600.1024x768-234678B
XPMouse.zipThese are additional mouse pointers. I don't think these are the actual Windows XP pointers, but they're so cool. This will replace all pointers.45639B*****
TClock.zipThis is a cool program that lets you customize your task bar, start button, and start menu (check out the screenshot). It has some drawbacks depending on what your O/S is.182589B****
Skins.zipHere are a few miscellaneous WinAmp skins that I think are pretty cool. There are three to be exact. Godsmack, PaleAMP, and a funny American Pie 2 skin. Enjoy!478459B*****
Math-101.zipThis is the very first program I've ever made with Microsoft Visual Basic. It's just a little something for intermediate level children.5019B*****

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